Chris Ashwell

Norfolk · England · UK

I am a web systems developer who enjoys creating bespoke online solutions for small businesses.

Having built a successful retail business, from the ground up, I understand both code and business.

The code I write, solves real business problems.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on over the past 30 years ...

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  • EPOS Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Booking Systems
  • Database-driven Websites
  • Interactive Websites
  • Royal Mail, DPD and PayPal API integrations
Programming Languages & Tools...
HTML [ 85% ]

PHP [ 80% ]

MySQL [ 87% ]

Laravel [ 72% ]

CSS [ 62% ]

Bootstrap [ 74% ]

Javascript / JQuery [ 50% ]

I am a fast learner so can get up to speed with the skills required for any other type of web project.

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I am a self-taught web developer and began coding at the age of 7 on a ZX Spectrum.

Over the years, I have worked on the following types of websites:

EPOS and Warehouse Management Systems

Quick Till, Caravan Accessory Shop
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I built a till system that integrated with my e-commerce website - allowing for stock levels to be constantly synced between the shop and website.

Reordering processes, purchase order creation, goods in/deliveries, price changes and stock transfer procedures were all managed by the system too.

The system will be made available for other businesses to use shortly: QuickTill.

PHP, MySQL, Laravel

Booking Systems

Seaview Caravan Park, Kev Koo Bouncy Castles
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I am able to build booking systems for holiday parks and cottages and have recently built a booking system for a bouncy castle hire business.

PHP, MySQL, Laravel

Quiz Websites

InQuizitive, Footie Quiz, Wine Quiz, F1 Quiz (in development), Olympics Quiz (in development)
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Through a love of pub quizzes and football, I have built lots of quiz websites over the years.


Directory Websites

Baby Name Wizard, When Is It?, Caravan Park Directory (in development), Wedding Venue 4 U (in development)
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I specialise in database-driven websites and I have built the databases, and collected the data, for some reasonably large websites. Baby Name Wizard contains data for 600,000 names and My Greatest Teams has statistics for 80,000 footballers.

PHP, MySQL, Laravel

Interactive Websites

My Greatest Teams, Cooking Inspiration, Timeline Of Everything
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If you have a unique idea, I can turn it in to a great website!

Laravel, MySQL, Bootstrap

E-Commerce Websites

Caravan Accessory Shop
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I built the Caravan Accessory Shop website in 2004, using CubeCart. It turned in to a business taking millions of pounds.


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IT Manager

Seaview Caravan Park
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After leaving high school in the Midlands, I moved to North Norfolk to work on the coast. I built a database system, a holiday booking system and a website - whilst also getting stuck in around the caravan park: lawn mowing, fence fixing and caravan moving!

I learnt accounting procedures and was soon in charge of completing vat returns and liaising with accountants for the end of year tax returns.

Jan 2000 - March 2004

Managing Director

Caravan Accessory Shop Ltd
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Having developed a love of retail - after working in the caravan park's ice cream kiosk - I used my life savings to start my own business in 2004.

I began selling online in the winter of 2004 and built an e-commerce website in 2005.

By 2019 I employed 10 members of staff and had a 7-figure turnover.

March 2004 - to date

Web Developer

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Half way through my working life, I felt the need for a drastic change and wanted to focus on my love of web design. I closed down the internet side of my retail business in order to free up considerable time to learn new skills (and spend more time with my family).

I taught my self Laravel and got straight to work re-launching all my old websites.

I am now available to hire for freelance work.

November 2019 -

Other Interests >


Apart from enjoying developing websites, I love the outdoors.

I am a slighlty-above-average runner, a 5-a-side footballer, a Zwift cyclist and a novice skier. Follow me on Strava.

I love music and am a bedroom DJ and dance music producer. My work can be found on Soundcloud.

Me and my DJ-setup can potentially be available to hire for 90s-themed parties. - coming soon!

I am an aspiring chef, who loves to cook curry. I created the Cooking Inspiration website to help with my recipe creations.

In the evenings, I play in a pool league. I built North East Norfolk Pool League's first website, during the time I was the treasurer, and I introduced player stats to the league too.

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If you have a great project for me to be involved with, please get in touch.

I am based in Norfolk, in the East of England.

I can be contacted in the following places: